9 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Styles 2022

Modern farmhouse exterior – Don’t worry if you don’t have much knowledge about farmhouse architecture and want to create a modern farmhouse style in your home. We have ten amazing farmhouse exterior ideas to help you understand this style.

There are many variations of the farmhouse look, from Arizona to Virginia. This design is representative of the whole house as well as the family’s tradition. The modern farmhouse style can be used for both interiors and exteriors. Every detail is used to reflect the traditions and personalities of the homeowners. Tin roofs, bright siding, and barn lighting are just a few examples.

What is a Modern Farmhouse?

Modern farmhouses are a combination of rustic farmhouse design and modern, contemporary design. This is a great way to modernize country living.

Mixing and matching farmhouse and modern styles creates a warm, simple feel that feels homey with a modern twist. Modern farmhouse vibes can be achieved by using natural materials. While the predominant features of the modern farmhouse style are smooth lines and shiny accents, there is still plenty of room for bold and bright colors.

9 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Styles You Need to Know 2022

Some prefer the traditional farmhouse look, while others want modern, sophisticated exteriors. So that you can choose the right farmhouse style for your home, we have listed all of the major types.

We love these modern farmhouse exteriors. Each one is unique.

1. Modern twist on a traditional farmhouse

Although this home is only a few decades old, it has all the charm of an ancient farmhouse. The perfect country look is also created by the beautiful pitch metal roof with a cupola and the high wood-case windows.

Image credit: Trendir.com

The exterior of the house is all in a wash white tone. Therefore, the door and window trim are kept in black. This provides a modern contrast with the white brick walls and board and batten siding.

2. Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Urban Country Style Farmhouse

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

This house is amazing. It was originally a barn-style house. However, it was transformed into a beautiful farm-style home with feminine flair. This house is located in Orange County, California. It has many appealing features, such as Reclaim wood siding and unusual window shapes. This unique architectural gem is a rare find in the country.

3. Sleek Metal Roofing & Course Stone

Image Credit: Apikhome.com

Unique metal roof accents make this farmhouse stand out from other houses in the area. This Geneva-style house is located in Virginia. The gable roof and large glass doors make this house look amazing.

The architect used soft-colored stone and bold dark windows with blue siding to create this striking contrast. An attached balcony is located on the first floor, which also serves an important function in the exterior design of the house. This farmhouse is well-balanced in every way, from the materials to its style.

4. Southern Coastal Charm Farmhouse

Image Credit: Pinterest.com

This beautiful white farmhouse is another great inspiration for modern farmhouses. Its exterior is constructed from the ground up because the homeowners desire a horizontal layout. A porch is a style that has horizontal fence slats. It adds coziness to the outdoor space.

The sliding barn doors can be used to create country-chic interiors. These doors provide privacy for the pool and allow you to connect the outdoors with the indoors. This area is visible from the central hall. To add authentic coastal charm to the residence, details such as board-and-batten shutters and expose rafters were used.

5. Midwest Makeover Farmhouse Exterior

Image Credit: Hgtv.com

This beautiful house is owned by an interior designer. He decorated it in his style. This house was originally built in 1900 and is located in Michigan. It was a former designer’s favorite style, and he later redecorated it to his taste.

He and his partner create a warm, vintage-style home filled with stories. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior. The designer brought nature inside the house using potted plants and finds from the antique market. The tin-roof oasis is made even more welcoming by an extensive outdoor garden.

6. Combination of Modern and Traditional Designs in a Transitional Style

Image Credit: Tollbrothers.com

This beautiful house is located in California, in the Rolling Hills Country Club community. The exterior wall of the entry is made from stone and covered in stucco (cement-like paste).

A second sidewall is made of Board and batten. To enhance the contrast with the white walls, dark trims were used in the windows and doors. The exterior design also includes flush gable roofs. Flat tile can be mixed with standing seam accents to create a luxurious urban house.

7. Mixed Materials Modern Exterior Farmhouse

Image Credit: Bhg.com

Mixing different materials is another great way to create a modern farmhouse-style exterior. Take a look at this Little Rock, Arkansas home. Here, traditional building materials like stucco, whitewash brick, and hardwood was used to create a contemporary farmhouse exterior.

Bright yellow is used for the main entrance. It adds warmth and personality to the space. The colors compliment each other.

8. Classic Farmhouse Exterior

Image Credit: Bhg.com

This is a great way to make your home look like a farmhouse. This farmhouse is the perfect example of farmhouse design. It has a solid foundation and a large porch.

Exterior walls are also constructed in traditional board-and-batten siding. The modern appeal is given by the clean lines of the walls and the pitched metal roof. Large pavers were added to the landscape to make the home feel more welcoming.

9. California Country Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Image Credit: Houzz.com

You don’t have to remodel or rebuild your entire house. Instead, you can make changes around the house and achieve a modern farmhouse exterior design. The homeowners of this California home softened the appearance by whitewashing the brick paver path at the front. The exterior was also painted from dark brown to white.

To create high-definition architecture, the doors, trims, and scones are painted in the same colors. The front yard is adorned with palm trees and tropical plants to bring nature inside. It also provides a striking contrast with the white farmhouse exterior.

Final Words

Antique and classic pieces make a great addition to your home’s exterior. These pieces can be combined with clean lines and neutral backgrounds to create a modern farmhouse look in your home.

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